Red Hat Government Symposium 2023

November 15 | 8:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. | Grand Hyatt, Washington D.C.

Intelligence Unleashed


November 9, 2022

All times are EST. Attendees are eligible to receive 2.5 CPE credits.

Chris Smith
Vice President, North American Government Sales
Red Hat

Modern warfare stretches far beyond the battlefield. As the threat landscape circles the globe, devices including unmanned drones, satellites, sensors, and laptops are collecting, sending, and receiving data from the network’s edge, despite intermittent communications environments and size, weight, and power limitations. To enable better and faster decision-making, the DoD is focused on moving data storage and compute functions to the edge for real-time insight and analysis, improved efficiency and most important – faster critical decisions. Join us to hear how the DoD is advancing missions at the edge.

Deputy Chief Information Officer
U.S. Department of the Air Force
Michelle Davis [moderator]
Director, DoD Solutions Architect
North America Public Sector
Red Hat

What can your agency accomplish at the edge? Join Intel to hear how standards-based edge technology and market-ready packages can be quickly – and securely – deployed at the edge to deliver the efficiencies you need to achieve mission success – no matter where your edge may be.

Mark Valcich
Civilian General Manager, Sales and Marketing Group & General Manager, Public Sector
Senior Vice President and Product Manager
CACI's Archon

The next frontier in technology is quantum computing, which will transform our ability to solve difficult problems that were previously thought to be unsolvable. Combining the results of quantum algorithms with classical computers will unleash a wealth of real-time data that can support government missions in a fraction of the time that is required today. Our panel discussion with IBM and Red Hat will explore best practices for running heterogenous workflows that combine classical and quantum computing requirements.

Michael Epley
Chief Architect and Security Strategist, Public Sector
Red Hat
Vishnu Parasuraman
Federal Hybrid Cloud Transformation OpenShift Offering Lead and Practice Lead

All modernization roadmaps include the cloud – but not all clouds are created equal. This is especially true for agencies working to meet unique mission requirements. This panel discussion will explore Red Hat’s cloud-as-a-service model and the services available through commercial marketplaces that offer quick development, deployment, and evolution of applications to help achieve agency modernization goals.

Dominic Delmolino
Vice President, Technology and Innovation
Amazon Web Services
System Owner, National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP) Pivot System
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Kevin Tunks
Kevin Tunks [moderator]
Chief Architect and National Technology Advisor
Red Hat

The Department of Defense is pushing boundaries with artificial intelligence and machine learning to rapidly deploy and update drone functionality. The goal: ensure data analysis takes advantage of the most up-to-date learning models. Join us to hear more about the infrastructure and tools needed to successfully deploy and manage AI at the network’s edge, and opportunities for mission impact.

Justin Taylor
Vice President, Artificial Intelligence
Lockheed Martin
Chris Edillon
Chris Edillon [moderator]
Specialist Solution Architect
Red Hat

Federal agencies are in the crosshairs of savvy cyber attackers. As agencies respond to this reality – and myriad cyber mandates – they are building cybersecurity into nearly every activity. Join our cybersecurity fireside chat to learn how a layered, defense-in-depth approach provides security across the entire infrastructure and application life cycle. Find ways to build resiliency into your network, creating less down time in case of a breach.

Ken Bailey
Acting Deputy Branch Chief, Cyber Defense Coordination, Threat Hunting
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
Jon Boyens
Deputy Chief, Computer Security Division
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Sandra López
Enterprise and Cyber Solutions Operations Chief Technology Officer
John Dvorak [moderator]
Chief Technology Officer, North America Public Sector
Red Hat

In this session, learn how agencies can solve critical challenges and accelerate business insights by quickly building and deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning models that integrate open-source applications. Our speakers will share firsthand insights and opportunities available through data science.

Chief, Clinical and Research Informatics
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Amanda Purnell
Director of Data and Analytics Innovation
Department of Veterans Affairs
Ben Cushing
Ben Cushing [moderator]
Chief Architect
Health and Life Sciences
Red Hat

*Program agenda subject to change.